Driving inspired transformation across the last four decades.

Who We Are

The ADI Group is a collection of organizations that collectively drives both enterprise and social innovation.

What began as 1 employee and a vision to link ideas and people across the world, has evolved into a global force for pioneering transformation through one paradigm shift to the next. Throughout The ADI Group’s trajectory, the desire to serve its global stakeholders has always been at its core.

By driving digital transformation at scale, and through its investments into promising technologies and ideas engineered to reshape our communities, the ADI Group continues to shape the future.

Our Brands


WorldLink is an IT Services leader that has been the engine behind countless notable innovations over the last 20+ years. WorldLink continues to support and scale the transformation of the modern enterprise in the fields of 5G, cloud, AI/ML, application development, IoT and blockchain

Inspired Intellect

Inspired Intellect is an end-to-end service provider of data management, analytics and application development. Inspired Intellect engages through a portfolio of offerings ranging from strategic advisory and design, to development and deployment, through to sustained operations and managed services.

The Adi Family Office

The Adi Family Office is a fully diversified family office based in Dallas, Texas. We deliver operational excellence and disciplined capital to unique investment opportunities across multiple asset classes both domestically and in emerging global hubs.

The Adi Foundation

It is the mission of The ADI Foundation to create a better future by leveraging the best in technology, collaboration, and community-based solutions to take on the world’s largest challenges. Our work enhances quality of life for global citizens by creating innovation across initiatives related to improving health outcomes, providing educational opportunities, and driving social equality.

History of The ADI Group

Our Mission

Leverage the best of technological and human-based innovation to build and grow capabilities for our global partners

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver value to our global stakeholders by anticipating and creating the future.

Notable Clients

The ADI Group is trusted by the world’s largest innovators.

Our Impact

The ADI Group is a strategic innovation partner to some of the world’s largest corporations, investors, and non-profit organizations. To our partnerships, we bring decades of operating experience in the technology sector, the qualities that breed constant reinvention for ourselves and our partners, a strong network of those supporting future innovations, and an insatiable desire to leave the world better than we found it.

Notable Investments

The ADI Group has built a portfolio of leading-edge solutions and people to solve our problems of today and tomorrow.

Our People

We recognize that people both drive and consume innovation, and that meaningful impact stems from putting the right talent in the right environment, so that they can truly grow. We want people who are driven, curious, and ready to be the best version of themselves. If you’d like to learn more about joining The ADI Group, visit our openings . We’d love to hear from you.

Notable Partners

The ADI Group collaborates with leading platforms and organizations to deliver maximum impact to stakeholders.

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